According to very conservative estimates the demand for energy in developing countries will at least double over the next 20 years. If this demand is primarily satisfied by fossil fuels and antiquated technologies, the result will be enormously damaging to the environment – particularly in the form of local air pollution as well as global climate change. The increasing use of renewable energy together with an enhancement of energy efficiency is the key to curbing these adverse effects.

SEF experts with their breadth experiences can assist to fulfil your responsibility for further generations.

Competences / Main Focus

  • Producer-independent consulting service for international partners in all renewable energy relevant topics on the basis of a detailed technology and market analysis
  • Replacement of obsolete conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels by renewable energy systems
  • Stepwise implementation of renewable energy sources in existing energy-producing and consuming systems
  • Feasibility studies for grid-connected and stand-alone systems
  • Preparation of innovative regional facilities using renewable energy on the basis of a detailed analysis of local conditions– facilitation of local and regional decision making processes
  • Design of renewable energy systems (biogas, solar, wind)
  • Training with regard to design, operating and maintenance of renewable  energy systems

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